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Thinking of Study Work Migrate to AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, USA or EUROPE? Well, there are hundreds of law firms out there that can help you out with the student visa process of said countries. So why should you retain CK International Education & Migration and services of Mr. Chanpreet Singh Dhiman  and his team?


Unlimited email consultation: Through the application process of student visa, you can consult of the status and progress of your student visa application any number of times through email. This is particularly important as sometimes the laws change and you need to know how that has impacted the already submitted application and if any additional documents may need to be submitted.


Meetings and Consultations: Meetings during the process of your Student visa application as needed as and when required, Mr Chanpreet Singh Dhiman or his team would be available for a face to face or via Skype video call to answer all your questions and discuss the progress of your Student visa application.


Full disclosure of fees upfront as per retainer agreement: At CK International Education & Migration Services, we believe in complete transparency. There will be no hidden charges or any new fees during the process which has already not been mentioned earlier at the time of tacking up the application of candidate. The total fees will be discussed and explained to the candidate upfront so that he/she can budget for that once and for all.


Mr Chanpreet Singh Dhiman of CK International Education & Migration Services is a regulated consultant and qualified Education agent counsellor and certified by International Education Association Inc (ISANA). He is thus legally authorized to represent his clients student visa application to the said countries institutes/colleges or universities.
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We provide Free Overseas Education Guidance awareness and training to students of Do’s & Don? It’s while applying for student visa. We offer excellent services and guidance to our clients right from the word go? i.e., from the process of choosing a course, to the process of getting admission in a reputed college or education provider, to the process of obtaining student Visa, and lastly to the post landing services and travel arrangements to their destination.


Business, Accounting, Information Technology, Computer Science, Graphic Designing, Engineering, Bio Technology, Medicine Engineering, Teaching, Early Childhood, Health Care, Nursing, Law, MBA and many more...

Following are some of the key areas which we specialize in:

It involves the laying out of career paths most likely to result in professional and personal success. Since a person is gifted with many traits, it would be wrong to presume that there is only a single career suitable for him. Further, a single career may necessitate a set of many traits necessary for success. Keeping these in mind, we work with student to help him understand his strengths and weaknesses and map the most appropriate career paths.


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